Postdoctoral researcher/ Centre Manager: Centre for Fruit Fly Biosecurity Innovation

Social Media Editor: Insectes Sociaux

About me

My research, on the broadest level, investigates how animals communicate and negotiate their interactions in a social context.

I have over a decade’s worth of teaching experience in multiple subjects and have convened two units at Macquarie University: Animal Behaviour (BBE200) and the Biology Capstone unit (BIOL391). I am also a part of a research project  investigating how we teach career information literacy to undergraduate students as part of their capstone units across the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

One of my passions is communicating interesting science to others, and I’m currently working as the Social Media Editor for Insectes Sociaux. You can find some excellent blogs about social insect research here. You can find some of my writing at The Conversation and The Royal Institute of Australia blog.

Thanks for visiting my site!


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