Course convening/Lecturing

  • Animal Behaviour (BBE 200), Macquarie University, 2015*
  • Biological Sciences Capstone (BIOL 391), Macquarie University, 2015*

*For my work in these units, I was granted the Macquarie University Faculty of Science and Engineering for Excellence in Sessional Teaching Award, 2015

Guest Lecturing

  • Biological Basis of Behaviour (BIOL 122, Macquarie University, 2016)
  • Invertebrates (BIOL 316), Macquarie University, 2012, 2015, 2016
  • Animal Communication (BIOL 200), Macquarie University, 2013
  • The Science of Sex (BIOL 260), Macquarie University, 2012

Education Research

Investigating Career Information Literacy in Capstone Units in the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FOSE), Macquarie University *

*This research is funded by a Macquarie University Strategic Priority Grant  ($20,000)